About Us

We started the Next Big Idea Club because we wanted a better way to discover and interact with today’s great writers and thinkers.

We are all hit by a tsunami of content options every day – never in human history has there been so much to read, watch, forward, swipe and winky-face. Over 600,000 new books are published every year. On YouTube, 300 new hours of video are uploaded every second. Where do you even start?

At the Next Big Idea Club, we believe you start with the people behind the ideas : writers, both established and up-and-coming, who engage, inspire, and motivate readers to make changes in their lives and the world.

Neuroscientists, historians, biologists, economists, journalists, psychologists, entrepreneurs … Next Big Idea Club authors come from a wide range of backgrounds. What they all share is a love of discovery, of investigation and exploration, and equally important, a love of communicating their stories and insights in entertaining, memorable ways.

So do we. We are believers – we think that the right book, the right speech, the right new habit, the right insight on what makes us tick, the right cautionary tale or clarion call or I-just-can’t-take-it-anymore rant — even the right tidying tip — at the right moment, can be life-changing.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone has access to these transformative ideas, and to nurture a community to discuss and build upon those ideas—both with each other and directly with the authors themselves.

So join us on this adventure! Sign up now to become one of the 8,000+ members (and growing) looking to thrive in this exciting world of new ideas.

Next Big Idea Club Team

Malcolm Gladwell

Rufus Griscom

Co-founder, CEO
Malcolm Gladwell

Panio Gianopoulos

Co-founder, Editorial Director, VP of Finance
Malcolm Gladwell

Michael Kovnat

Co-founder, VP of Video
Malcolm Gladwell

Christopher Chaput

Co-founder, VP of Product and User Experience
Malcolm Gladwell

Emily Pinto

Director of Member Happiness
Malcolm Gladwell

Marquina Iliev-Piselli

Director of Marketing
Malcolm Gladwell

Jeremy Price

Malcolm Gladwell

Melissa "Mishka" Ballarin

Happiness Engineer
“Books may well be the only true magic.” ― Alice Hoffman