Boost Employee Engagement, Productivity, and Happiness by Creating a Culture of Diversity, Inclusion, and Learning
Our customizable book club is a creative team building perk, great for any sized organization.

Book selections curated by four legendary thought leaders:

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell

revealed the forces behind extraordinary achievement.

Malcolm Gladwell

Susan Cain

gave a voice to millions of introverts around the world.

Malcolm Gladwell

Daniel Pink

championed the hidden science of motivation.

Malcolm Gladwell

Adam Grant

revolutionized the study of original thinking.

Choose our seasonal book selections, diversity and inclusion package, or customize to fit your organization’s needs.

What's included:


Book Club

Our book club is great for team building and bonding. Get the conversation started using our discussion guides. Works as good in person as it does remotely. Participants can read the books or use our summaries to participate. Choose from our library of past book selections, diversity and inclusion package, or pick from new reads that best fit your organization.


Master Class Ecourses

All participants have access to premium video e-courses, all taught by experts in business and psychology—delivered via mobile app to enjoy on the go. Makes a great compliment to the book club or on it’s own.


Affordable for Businesses and Schools Everywhere

Special enterprise pricing to deliver research-backed wisdom at any scale.


Customizable Book Club

  • Personalized curation of the best new nonfiction books, each aligned with your goals
  • Choose hardback books, e-books, or mix and match depending on your preferences
  • Book summaries and discussion guides to kick off the conversation
  • Consult with renowned business thinkers in live Zoom conversations

Ignite Your Team’s Curiosity

  • Original, 45 minute, video e-courses taught by leading executives, productivity experts, scientists, and more
  • Access to our private online discussion group, full of lifelong learners from around the world
  • Audio and text book summaries, hand-crafted by the authors themselves. Delivered via our handy mobile app to enjoy anywhere, anytime

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