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Our e-courses, books, reading guides, and community provides the tools to inspire your leaders, boost performance, and build teamwork.

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Our materials are curated by the world’s greatest thinkers—only the best, most important new ideas make it to our library. Access our extensive list of e-courses on any desktop, mobile phone, or tablet both at the office and on the go. Members get the latest Big Ideas in accelerated, 30-minute courses they can take at their own pace.

Scaleable and Customizable

Choose from our catalog of past seasons, follow along with our new releases, or let us tailor a custom solution that works for your organization. Whether it’s a team of five people or five hundred, Next Big Idea Club will help take any sized organization to the next level.


Our Curators

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell

revealed the forces behind extraordinary achievement.

Malcolm Gladwell

Susan Cain

gave a voice to millions of introverts around the world.

Malcolm Gladwell

Daniel Pink

championed the hidden science of motivation.

Malcolm Gladwell

Adam Grant

revolutionized the study of original thinking.

We will tailor a solution that fits your organizations needs

What's included


Optimized Learning, Original Videos & Author Interviews

Access to our exclusive e-courses featuring key takeaways, discussion questions, and author interviews in video, audio, and text formats.


Customized Solutions

Choose from past selections or select from our current books that best fit your organization. We will help you design a program that works for your team.


Community and Events

Direct access to our curators, the authors, and other high achievers as well as VIP seating at live events.


Benefits of the Next Big Idea Club

  • Easy, low cost education for all members of your team.
  • Access to our curators, authors and other community members.
  • Good for any size group.
  • We help design a program just for you.
  • Ask about our exclusive Executives Only reading group program.

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