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Our Book Club Curators

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell

revealed the forces behind extraordinary achievement.
Malcolm Gladwell

Susan Cain

gave a voice to millions of introverts around the world.
Malcolm Gladwell

Daniel Pink

championed the hidden science of motivation.
Malcolm Gladwell

Adam Grant

revolutionized the study of original thinking.

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Beyond just reading, the Next Big Idea Club is a journey. It’s where thought leaders converge, where ideas transform into action, and where books become a gateway to a brighter future.

“Love the books you choose!  So many new ideas that have broadened my worldview and creativity.  I also find the mini-courses and emails so handy both for review and to give me the big ideas if I don’t have time to read that particular book.” – Cathy 

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Dive deep into transformative ideas with our 45-minute audio and video e-courses. Expertly crafted, these courses distill the essence of groundbreaking books, offering you a comprehensive understanding in a fraction of the time.

Meet World-Renowned Thought Leaders

Engage with industry gurus, attend virtual roundtables, and get invitations to exclusive author dinners in NYC. Be at the forefront of innovation and leadership.

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Access hundreds of “Book Bite” audio summaries, ad-free podcast episodes, and original audiobooks. Stay updated with the latest trends and ideas all through the Next Big Idea app.

“I love this app! The Book Bites are brilliant, perfect to have in airports, waiting rooms, anywhere I need to not doomscroll… You guys are the best!” – Missy G.

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Connect with leading thinkers in our private LinkedIn group, participate in members-only discussions, and share your insights with a like-minded community.


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