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Tired Of Feeling Like You’re Failing?

Career Creativity

You know those things you feel like you should be doing regardless of whether or not it’s what you want to do? Watch this video to learn more about that phenomenon.

A “brule” is a word I coined; it means bullshit rule. Here are samples of brules: you need a college degree, you need to join a particular company, work 9-5, get married at a certain age, have 2.5 kids, save up for retirement…

What if all of those are merely opinions, not necessarily true? Brules cause us to conform to the rules of society, but what you really want to do is ask yourself, What is it that you want out of life? What do you want your life to look like? And when you find that you are going down a path that seems unaligned with your real vision, your real heart, your inner gut and intuition— odds are you’re buying into one of society’s brules. Ignore the brules.

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