What “Cinderella” Has to Do With Self-Esteem
Magazine / What “Cinderella” Has to Do With Self-Esteem

What “Cinderella” Has to Do With Self-Esteem

What “Cinderella” Has to Do With Self-Esteem

Many of us treat our bodies similar to how Cinderella was treated by her stepmother. We consider our bodies to be our nemesis.  We ignore them –we do anything to avoid acknowledging them.

Wikipedia says “The word “cinderella” has, by analogy, come to mean one whose attributes are unrecognized and… neglected.”  It’s not our fault that we feel resentment toward our bodies. We’ve learned to feel this way in our society. Think about all of the advertising aiming to promote feelings of shame so we will purchase their product and finally be acceptable. Images featuring thin and beautiful women are everywhere.

These ads are even frequently disguised as promotions for “health” instead of “beauty.” Yet, the effects are the same on women. When we feel that we are valuable only when we lose weight it creates a negative cycle that goes beyond short-term results.

When we do “healthy” things for our bodies without respect and out of resentment we do much more damage than we realize. Treating our bodies like Cinderella leads to poor quality motivation and a cyclical instead of sustainable behavior. It also promotes self-deprecation, low self-worth and sabotages our ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

The moral of this story parallels the original one.  Yet, our own mindset and beliefs are the glass slipper. We are the only ones in charge of this tale. When we recognize the deep value and worth of our bodies, and practice self-care behaviors out of this respectful perspective, we not only stay motivated to take care of ourselves, can transform our lives in the ways we yearn for and deserve.

The choice is yours.

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