The Unexpected Treasures In Your Pocket
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The Unexpected Treasures In Your Pocket

The Unexpected Treasures In Your Pocket

Dig deep, baby.

When the weather warms up and the snow melts down, it’s time to pull out that thin dusty jacket from the back of the closet and toss it back on.

Now, just make sure you stuff your hands deep in those pockets and see if you can’t score some buried treasure that’s been held there safely all winter long:

1. Your favorite lip balm.

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You thought she was lost so you bought some cheap imposters from the drug store to tide you over. But now that greasy beauty’s back in business, baby — faded packaging, slippery tube, linty plastic cap and all.


2. A pack of gum with only one piece left.


The top is probably folded down and creased over that one remaining rock-hard rectangle. You can give it to a friend or enjoy the minty molar-shattering experience yourself.


3. A Good Times receipt.


This is an old crinkly receipt from a great night out a long time ago. Maybe it’s a birthday dinner, a grad party, or a wild girl’s night out on the town. When you stare back at that distant receipt and slowly remember where it’s from, you’ll eventually end up smiling at the memories. Good times.

4. That one really good pen.


That smooth flowing ball point never gets lost. No, it just goes on long vacations to your jacket pockets, pencil cases, or board game boxes.


5. A contact lens still in its packaging.


Say goodbye to your blurry winter.


6. Green, shrunken orange.


The bad part is you can no longer eat the orange. The good part is you get to smell like musty citrus for a couple days.


7. Travel pack of tissues.


Sometimes if those small packs have been sitting for a while all the lint molecules try to escape from their plastic prison. When you zip open your pocket you catch them coating your liner in the middle of their slow and methodical jailbreak.


8. Random phone numbers.


Sometimes I pull out a piece of scrap paper and there’s just a phone number on it with no name, no context, no nothing. I silently curse my lazy former self and spend a minute debating whether or not I should just dial it up to solve the mystery.

So come on, now — finding buried treasures deep in those jacket pocket caves is a bit like Christmas in the Spring. Yes, you score some tiny little presents from your past as you start a fresh new season with big beaming smiles and heartwarming reunions with some dear old friends.


A version of this post originally appeared on Neil Pasricha’s blog, 1000 Awesome Things

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