10 Apps to Help You Find the Hidden Free Time in Your Day
Magazine / 10 Apps to Help You Find the Hidden Free Time in Your Day

10 Apps to Help You Find the Hidden Free Time in Your Day

10 Apps to Help You Find the Hidden Free Time in Your Day

In the age of smartphones, the options for apps are bountiful. It’s endlessly tempting to use up all of your storage space with entertaining games and photo editors. But not all apps were created equally, and some are more helpful in organizing your life than others. Here is a list of the best free apps to help you:

Cross things off of your daily list: Google Calendar

Google updated its calendar to allow for a more interactive approach — you can now swipe the completed tasks off of your schedule (so satisfying).

Master workplace communication: Slack

A Heleo team favorite- – Slack is perfect for group communications, allowing users to create channels for various tasks and teams.

Manage your time with a new technique: Pomodoro Timer

This app follows the Pomodoro Technique, which allows you to work in short, focused intervals, promoting productivity.

Curate your online life: Evernote

Perfect for those who love surfing the web for hours and want to organize the pages they find into different categories. You’ll never waste time searching through your history for that one website you looked at last week again.

Keep it all together: 24me

Listed as one of 2014’s best apps, 24me allows you to keep all of your lists in one place. It even reminds you when to pay your bills.

Dictate quick personal notes: Dragon Dictation

When you’re on-the-go and can’t type out your emails, notes, or lists, use this app to get it done.

Program shortcuts: If This Then That

This app allows you to coordinate your other apps so if (something happens) then (another thing will happen).

Make your meal plan: AnyList

Simplifies meal planning, while making sure you have all of the ingredients you need while you’re actually in the grocery store.

Coordinate schedules: Cozi

Allows you to share calendars with your family members, coworkers, and friends.

Stick notes to your virtual fridge: Post-It Plus

Bright, simple, and classic, this app is perfect for the quick note-taker. Plus, you can share your notes with others — a nice way to compile your Christmas lists and send gifting hints.

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